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Ned Glass Overview:

Character actor, Ned Glass, was born Poland on Apr 1, 1906 in n/a, Poland. Glass died at the age of 78 on Jun 15, 1984 in Encino, CA .



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Ned Glass Quotes:

Lieutenant Schrank: Do you mind?
Doc: I have no mind. I am the village idiot.

Willie Gingrich: He's gonna give you a shot to help you pass those tests.
Harry Hinkle: Oh, I'm not gonna take any shots from a waiter!
Willie Gingrich: What do you mean "waiter?" This is Doc Schindler, from Chicago.
Doc Schindler: Howdy.
Willie Gingrich: Those insurance guys think they're such geniuses. What they forget is every time they build a better mousetrap, the mice gets smarter, too.
Harry Hinkle: You'll be careful, won't you, Doc?
Doc Schindler: I better be, because I'm on parole.
Harry Hinkle: Parole?
Doc Schindler: They caught me tampering with a horse at Arlington Park.
Harry Hinkle: A veterinary?
Willie Gingrich: Well actually, he's a dentist.
Doc Schindler: What do you want?
Willie Gingrich: Right arm and left leg. Make them good and numb.
Doc Schindler: Oh, *numb*.
Willie Gingrich: Sure, we want those nerves blocked!
Doc Schindler: Oh, then I better use the Novocain, because with this stuff, he'll run the mile in 1:34 flat.

Doc Schindler: I'm looking for a freckle!

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Ned Glass Facts
Ex-brother on law of Frank McHugh and Matt McHugh.

After being blacklisted in the 1950s, he made his living as a carpenter, a trade he learned by building his own house.

Was next-door neighbor and good friend of Moe Howard who helped Ned secure parts in 3 Stooges shorts (beginning with Nutty But Nice (1940)).

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