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Moe Howard Overview:

Legendary actor, Moe Howard, was born Moses Horwitz on Jun 19, 1897 in Brooklyn, NY. Howard died at the age of 77 on May 4, 1975 in Los Angeles, CA .



Howard was never nominated for an Academy Award.

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Moe Howard Quotes:

Hassan Ben Soba: [to Shemp, getting up and pointing to his chair] Sit down!
Shemp: Oh, but I'm not tired, I'll just stand while you eat.
Hassan Ben Soba: [pulls out his dagger] Sit down with your hands on or off!
Moe: Y-you talked us into it.

Moe: How do you like that? No more jelly. I guess I'll have to eat cheese. Better get some bread.

Judge: Were you ever indicted?
Moe: Not since I was a baby, your honor.

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Moe Howard Facts
In the 23 years The Three Stooges worked for Columbia Pictures, they were never completely aware of how popular or how financially successful they were. It was only after the group stopped making shorts that Moe discovered how much more money the act could have earned.

(See Ted Healy.)

When he and brother Shemp Howard put on shows for families and friends as children, they used younger brother Curly Howard in female roles. Curly, at seven, had trouble remembering his lines so Moe made cue cards on adhesive tape and stuck them to his forehead for Curly to read.

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