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Legendary actor, Moe Howard, was born Moses Horwitz on Jun 19, 1897 in Brooklyn, NY. Howard died at the age of 77 on May 4, 1975 in Los Angeles, CA .



Howard was never nominated for an Academy Award.

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Moe Howard Quotes:

Curly: [looking in a cookbook with their monkey Joe on his shoulder] There's someplace in this book that says how to cook a monkey.
[Joe lightly raps him on the head a few times]
Moe: Joe's right, we can't eat the act.

Curly: Hey Moe, you know that dead guy? He just slapped me.
Moe: Like this?
[slaps Curly]
Curly: Yeah, just like that only it was on the other side.
Larry: Where's the body?
Curly: I ain't got any body, I lost it.
Moe: Well you're gonna go find it!

Moe: And when they told us the money was yours, you could've knocked us down with a gold bar! And that's the whole story, Mr. President, s'help me!
President Roosevelt: I see. Well, Jimmy, I shall arrange personally for your operation.
Jimmie: Thank you, Mr. President.
President Roosevelt: And as for you gentlemen, in view of the extenuating circumstances, I find it possible to extend to you executive clemency.
Curly: Oh, no! Please, not that!
[Moe stomps his foot]
Curly: Ow!
Moe: Mr. President means we're free!
Curly: No!
Moe: Yeah!
Curly: Gee, Mr. President, you're a swell guy!
Moe: You said it!

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Moe Howard Facts
Moe had a legal agreement with his fellow Stooges stating that he reserved the right to choose Stooge replacements (Curly Howard was replaced by Shemp Howard; Shemp was replaced by Joe Besser; Joe was replaced by Joe DeRita).

When he and brother Shemp Howard put on shows for families and friends as children, they used younger brother Curly Howard in female roles. Curly, at seven, had trouble remembering his lines so Moe made cue cards on adhesive tape and stuck them to his forehead for Curly to read.

Most of his investments were in real estate.

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