Minerva Urecal Overview:

Character actress, Minerva Urecal, was born Minerva Holzer on Sep 22, 1894 in Eureka, CA. Urecal died at the age of 71 on Feb 26, 1966 in Glendale, CA .


Minerva Urecal was a formidable, square-jawed, hook-nosed, raucous-voiced American actress -- a cross between Marjorie Main and Hope Emerson. She was usually seen in roles calling for explosive emotional reaction of one kind or another, often cruelty or indignation, but sometimes turned to good comedy effect. Her character names, 'Death Watch Mary' in "Oh Doctor," and 'Hatchet-Faced Woman' in "The Doughgirls," give a good impression of what to expect from this radio-trained actress. Her stage name was sort-of-an-anagram from Eureka, California, her birthplace. She died from a heart attack.

(Source: available at Amazon Quinlan's Illustrated Dictionary of Film Character Actors).



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Minerva Urecal Quotes:

Mrs. Owen: Feeling better dear?
Mabel King: I think so. Say, does it get this cold here very often?
Mrs. Owen: Only in the summer.

Agnes: Don't go, pretty lady. Don't go... yet.
Louise Mason: What do you want?
Agnes: You have such nice, ssssssoft, white skin.

Landlady: Serves you right, you hussy!

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