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Actress, Mimi Gibson, was born on Oct 19, 1948 in Renton, WA. As of December 2021, Mimi Gibson was 73 years old.



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Mimi Gibson Quotes:

Carolyn Gibson: Who's Cinzia?
Elizabeth Winters: Cinzia's our maid. She doesn't know how to cook.
Carolyn Gibson: So I see. Where's your father?
Elizabeth Winters: Oh, he's doing the laundry for the weekend at the laundromat. We have to bring the clothes there becaue Cinzia doesn't know how to wash.
Carolyn Gibson: Just whatdoes she do?
Elizabeth Winters: Oh everything!

Lucky: Mother, Dad! Patch pushed me in the fireplace.
Patch: Lucky pushed me first.
Lucky: Did not!
Patch: Did too!
Lucky: Did not!
Patch: Did too!
Lucky: Did *not*!

Lucky: We gave 'em the slip!
Lucky: Didn't we, Dad?

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Mimi Gibson Facts
She is presently active in "A Minor Consideration", Paul Petersen, her co-star in "Houseboat" (1958) formed this child actor support group in 1990.

She appeared in two movies with child star Sandra "Sandy" Descher, "My Pal Gus" (1952) and "The Bottom of the Bottle" (1956) and in three movies with child star Charles Herbert, "The Monster That Challenged the World" (1957), "No Down Payment" (1957) and "Houseboat" (1958).

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