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Maureen Arthur Overview:

Actress, Maureen Arthur, was born on Apr 15, 1934 in San Jose, CA. As of December 2018, Maureen Arthur was 84 years old.



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Maureen Arthur Quotes:

Hedy LaRue: A secretary was ordered to be assigned to you. I'm your assignation.

Evelyn Tremaine: That's the dirtiest thing I ever heard in my life!

J. Pierpont Finch: What are you taking that down in?
Hedy LaRue: Long hand. It's safer. I make up for it when I type.
J. Pierpont Finch: Oh, you type fast.
Hedy LaRue: Like a jack rabbit - 12 words a minute.

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Maureen Arthur Fact
Maureen graduated from University City (MO) High School in 1952, where she was an honor student, athlete, and singer.

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