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Maude Eburne : Classic Movie Hub (CMH)
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Maude Eburne Overview:

Character actress, Maude Eburne, was born on Nov 10, 1875 in Bronte-on-the-Lake, Canada. Eburne died at the age of 84 on Oct 15, 1960 in Hollywood, CA .



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The Film Festival: "The Vampire Bat" and "Lonely Wives"

By David on Feb 1, 2014 From The Man on the Flying Trapeze

"I beg your pardon, young man?" Of all the actors and actresses who appeared in 1930s movies, (1875-1960) was certainly one of them. She was born in Ontario, Canada, and appeared in plays there before making her Broadway debut in 1913. The next year she made a name for herself as "Cod... Read full article

What a Character! Blogathon: Canadian Edition, Miss Lucile Watson and Miss

By Caftan Woman on Sep 23, 2012 From Caftan Woman

Lucile Watson May 27, 1879 - June 24, 1962 Quebec City, the historic French settlement, trading post and sometime capitol of New France and Lower Canada, was the birthplace of Rosine Mary Lucile Watson on May 27, 1879. Educated in one of the predominantly Catholic province's many convent school... Read full article

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Maude Eburne Quotes:

Cornelia van Gorder: Now what on Earth are you doing?
Lizzie Allen: I'm setting a bear trap for the Bat, incase he decides to come flying around here.
[throws a trap on a chain out the window]
Lizzie Allen: And I've got the other end fastened to the bed.

Honest John Whittaker: Miss Hurricane, where I come from chivalry is not dead.
Hurricane Hattie McGuire: Well, in this territory they got it gaspin' for breath!

Etta Mae: Men are all alike. They can't be trusted - none of 'em!

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