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Actress, Marceline Day, was born Marceline Newlin on Apr 24, 1908 in Colorado Springs, CO. Day died at the age of 91 on Feb 16, 2000 in Cathedral City, CA .



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By Art on Apr 24, 2012 From Classic Cinema Gold

(April 24, 1908 ? February 16, 2000) was an American motion picture actress whose career began as a child star in the 1910s and ended in the 1930s. Marceline was the younger sister of film actress Alice Day. was born Marceline Newlin on April 24, 1908, in Colorado Sp... Read full article

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Marceline Day Quotes:

Professor Edward C. Burke: Lucille, I am going to reveal to you that your father did not die by suicide!
Lucille Balfour: You can't mean that someone killed my father!
Professor Edward C. Burke: am going to ask you to put yourself in my hands... to do whatever I say... no matter how trying it may be.
Professor Edward C. Burke: I want you to promise to keep this a secret... from everyone.
Lucille Balfour: Mr. Burke, you make me feel that I should trust you... that you are my friend.
Arthur Hibbs: What was he saying to you?
Lucille Balfour: I can't tell you! Please don't ask me!
Arthur Hibbs: I don't trust him! Why wouldn't he let Uncle send for the police last night?
Arthur Hibbs: And now he is getting you under his spell!
Lucille Balfour: Oh, Arthur... he says that someone killed my father!

Sally Richards: [advice to the aspiring cameraman] You must always grind forward... never backward.

[last lines]
Ruth Carter: [reads Breezy's train ticket] Cheyenne to New York.
Jimmy 'Breezy' Kildare: Yep, back to the big town. Now that Dad's well again, there's nothing to keep me here.
Ruth Carter: I wish it read the other way.
Jimmy 'Breezy' Kildare: You mean Broadway to Cheyenne?
Ruth Carter: Uh-huh.
Jimmy 'Breezy' Kildare: Shucks, there's no sense my going then... alone.
Ruth Carter: Unh-uh.

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Marceline Day Facts
Sister of actress Alice Day.

After her retirement, she no longer spoke of her career or her films and refused numerous requests for interviews from fans or film historians.

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