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Marcel Dalio Overview:

Character actor, Marcel Dalio, was born Israel Moshe Blauschild on Jul 17, 1900 in Paris, France. Dalio died at the age of 83 on Nov 20, 1983 in Paris, France .


Marcel Dalio was a short, dark, dapper and incisive French actor who appeared with distinction in films from many countries. He was never quite a star, even in his  native France where he started in revues and music-halls, but he was a much respected craftsman who brought all his roles, however small, briskly to life and created instantly identifiable characters.

(Source: available at Amazon Quinlan's Illustrated Dictionary of Film Character Actors).



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Marcel Dalio Quotes:

Robert 'Bibi' Bonnard: Look, maman, what Uncle Desmond sent. A photograph of himself and two nice ladies.
Susan Bonnard: Nice ladies! Jacques, will you look at this? Bibi, go up and wash your hands.
Robert 'Bibi' Bonnard: They're not dirty!
Susan Bonnard: At once.
[Bibi leaves]
Susan Bonnard: Well? You know what's on my mind. Show it to Grandpa.
Grandpere Bonnard: [glancing briefly, then, dismissively] Too skinny.
Susan Bonnard: What do you suppose Bibi thinks of a thing like this?
Jacques Bonnard: Thinks? He thinks nothing. He's only happy that Desmond remembered his birthday.
Susan Bonnard: But these women! Who ARE they? WHAT are they? You know Bibi imitates all of you. He's even picked up Desmond's trick with the medals.
Grandpere Bonnard: With the same results.
Susan Bonnard: Be still. Jacques, he'll realize what this is all about someday.
Jacques Bonnard: Eh! When he's old enough to realize, he'll be old enough to understand.
Susan Bonnard: That Desmond-he's becoming the most roving eye in Ottawa. With everything else, does he have to be a traveling salesman? I shudder to think what is happening to women all over Canada.
Grandpere Bonnard: We have had no reports from the outlying provinces.
Jacques Bonnard: Don't worry about Desmond. One of these days he will change and settle down.
Susan Bonnard: That's a transformation devoutly to be wished.
Grandpere Bonnard: You quote?
Susan Bonnard: Shakespeare.
Grandpere Bonnard: Ah! There was an Englishman with glands!

Jacques Bonnard: Believe me, my love; this bird, in his song-which I understand completely-has expressed a desire to live his own life! It is a desire that must be respected.
Robert 'Bibi' Bonnard: How do you know what he wants, papa?
Susan Bonnard: Your father, it seems, understands the language of birds. The first day we met, he told me that he'd been speaking with a lark, who wished us to visit him in the woods.
Robert 'Bibi' Bonnard: This is how it happened?
Jacques Bonnard: This is how it began.
Grandpere Bonnard: [to Susan] And you-the bird's wish was granted? You went into the woods with him?
[Susan glances at Bibi, then shrugs]
Grandpere Bonnard: You cannot be all Scotch!
[to Jacques]
Grandpere Bonnard: And you are even better than I thought!

Focquet: I will join de Gaulle.
Howard: De Gaulle? Who's de Gaulle?
Focquet: De Gaulle, monsieur? He is one who was neither a traitor nor a coward. He's the true France.
Howard: I'm afraid I've never heard of him.
Focquet: You will, monsieur.

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