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Marcel Dalio Overview:

Character actor, Marcel Dalio, was born Israel Moshe Blauschild on Jul 17, 1900 in Paris, France. Dalio died at the age of 83 on Nov 20, 1983 in Paris, France .


Marcel Dalio was a short, dark, dapper and incisive French actor who appeared with distinction in films from many countries. He was never quite a star, even in his  native France where he started in revues and music-halls, but he was a much respected craftsman who brought all his roles, however small, briskly to life and created instantly identifiable characters.

(Source: available at Amazon Quinlan's Illustrated Dictionary of Film Character Actors).



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Marcel Dalio Quotes:

Robert 'Bibi' Bonnard: Look, maman, what Uncle Desmond sent. A photograph of himself and two nice ladies.
Susan Bonnard: Nice ladies! Jacques, will you look at this? Bibi, go up and wash your hands.
Robert 'Bibi' Bonnard: They're not dirty!
Susan Bonnard: At once.
[Bibi leaves]
Susan Bonnard: Well? You know what's on my mind. Show it to Grandpa.
Grandpere Bonnard: [glancing briefly, then, dismissively] Too skinny.
Susan Bonnard: What do you suppose Bibi thinks of a thing like this?
Jacques Bonnard: Thinks? He thinks nothing. He's only happy that Desmond remembered his birthday.
Susan Bonnard: But these women! Who ARE they? WHAT are they? You know Bibi imitates all of you. He's even picked up Desmond's trick with the medals.
Grandpere Bonnard: With the same results.
Susan Bonnard: Be still. Jacques, he'll realize what this is all about someday.
Jacques Bonnard: Eh! When he's old enough to realize, he'll be old enough to understand.
Susan Bonnard: That Desmond-he's becoming the most roving eye in Ottawa. With everything else, does he have to be a traveling salesman? I shudder to think what is happening to women all over Canada.
Grandpere Bonnard: We have had no reports from the outlying provinces.
Jacques Bonnard: Don't worry about Desmond. One of these days he will change and settle down.
Susan Bonnard: That's a transformation devoutly to be wished.
Grandpere Bonnard: You quote?
Susan Bonnard: Shakespeare.
Grandpere Bonnard: Ah! There was an Englishman with glands!

Susan Bonnard: [Bibi returns to the dining room, adjusting lacy garters on his sleeves] Bibi, what have you got on your sleeves?
Robert 'Bibi' Bonnard: They're too long. Before he left town, Uncle Desmond gave me some garters to hold them up.
Susan Bonnard: Women's garters! Take them off! Look at them! Off some... stranger's legs!
Grandpere Bonnard: To Desmond she was not a stranger.
Susan Bonnard: Jacques!
Jacques Bonnard: Calm yourself, my love. My brother is young.
Susan Bonnard: Your son is younger.
Jacques Bonnard: And after all, there is no great harm in catching garters that are thrown from the stage of the Casino Burlesque. It's done by some of our most distinguished citizens. It's a form of sport.
Susan Bonnard: I don't want garters from the burlesque on my son's arms.
Robert 'Bibi' Bonnard: Only one is from the burlesque! The other was obtained privately!
Susan Bonnard: [shrieking, she leaves the room]
Jacques Bonnard: Now, Bibi-in the world of men, one does not talk too much. It's enough to have the garters; one does not volunteer the information where they were obtained. You will understand when you are a man.
Robert 'Bibi' Bonnard: Papa? When will I be?
Jacques Bonnard: What?
Robert 'Bibi' Bonnard: When will I be a man?
Jacques Bonnard: Soon enough.
Grandpere Bonnard: There is a law of nature, called la puberté, and it is widespread among all animals, being the awakening of a natural appetite. Life will taste better then-like a good soup! It is the seasoning that counts! But it is a hard appetite to satisfy, believe me.

Focquet: I will join de Gaulle.
Howard: De Gaulle? Who's de Gaulle?
Focquet: De Gaulle, monsieur? He is one who was neither a traitor nor a coward. He's the true France.
Howard: I'm afraid I've never heard of him.
Focquet: You will, monsieur.

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