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Legendary actress, Mae Clarke, was born Violet Mary Klotz on Aug 16, 1910 in Philadelphia, PA. Clarke died at the age of 81 on Apr 29, 1992 in Woodland Hills, CA and was laid to rest in Pierce Brothers Valhalla Memorial Park Cemetery in North Hollywood, Los Angeles County, CA.


Mae Clarke appeared in over 115 film and television roles. She is probably best remembered for two roles: as Henry Frankenstein’s (Colin Clive’s) fiancee Elizabeth in the 1931 film classic, Frankenstein, and as poor Kitty, who gets a grapefruit smashed into her face by ’boyfriend’ Tom Powers (James Cagney) in The Public Enemy!

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Clarke was never nominated for an Academy Award.

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Mae Clarke Quotes:

Daphne Flowers: [to Sergeant Curtis about Wells] Get him to explain refinement to you. It's just too divine!

Gladys Kane: Listen, kid, did you ever hear of a game of pool that has to do with the Eight Ball? Well, the idea of the game is not to hit that particular ball, see? If you do - you lose. But if you land right behind it, you can't help yourself, can you? You've got to hit it. Well, that's the way it is when you get mixed up with a married man. You're always behind the Eight Ball. You *always* lose.

Tom Powers: [Tom shuffles to the breakfast table in his pajamas. He's just finished a demanding call with Nails Nathan] Ain't you got a drink in the house?
Kitty: Well, not before breakfast, dear.
Tom Powers: [immediately annoyed] ... I didn't ask you for any lip. I asked you if you had a drink.
Kitty: [sheepishly] I know Tom, but I, I wish that...
Tom Powers: ...there you go with that wishin' stuff again. I wish you was a wishing well. So that I could tie a bucket to ya and sink ya.
Kitty: Well, maybe you've found someone you like better.
[Tom is enraged and disgusted by her implication. He grimaces and shoves a grapefruit in her face as he leaves the table]

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Mae Clarke Facts
She was the model for Lorelei Lee in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (1953).

Immortal as the recipient of James Cagney's classic grapefruit-in-the-face in The Public Enemy (1931).

Interred at Pierce Brothers Valhalla Memorial Park, North Hollywood, California, USA, section C, lot #2424.

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