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Louis Jourdan Overview:

Legendary actor, Louis Jourdan, was born Louis Gendre on Jun 19, 1921 in Marseille, France. As of December 2018, Louis Jourdan was 97 years old.



He was honored with two stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in the categories of Recording and Television. Jourdan was never nominated for an Academy Award.

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Yesterday we said farewell to , the debonair French?actor who reigned as one of Hollywood’s leading men.?Famous for his role in “Gigi” and several other notable films, will be remembered as the French Clich? who took Hollywood by storm. Louis Robert Gendr... Read full article

“Gigi” – Leslie Caron, , Maurice Chevalier

By Art on Jul 10, 2011 From Classic Cinema Gold

“This story is about a little girl. It could be about any one of those little girls playing there. But it isn’t. It’s about one in particular. Her name is Gigi.” ~ Honore Lachaille (Maurice Chevalier) . “Gigi” is a 1958 musical film produced by Arthur Freed and... Read full article

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Louis Jourdan Quotes:

Robert 'Bibi' Bonnard: [crying] I won't go back to school! I'll never go back to school! I didn't do it-it isn't fair! Why do I have to tell lies to escape a beating?
Jacques Bonnard: What-what's the matter? What happened? What is it at that school? Maman! Who beat you?
Susan Bonnard: Beating? What beating?
Jacques Bonnard: Come on, Bibi. Now, please, stop crying and tell us, what happened?
Uncle Desmond Bonnard: What is this of a beating?
Robert 'Bibi' Bonnard: In school, the principal finds a dirty picture. It's from my 'Gay Paree' which I have taken there.
[Susan looks up at the brothers, reproachfully. The brothers look embarrassed]
Uncle Desmond Bonnard: Now, wait. They are not dirty pictures in Le Gay Paree. They are, it is true, pictures of women with few clothes, but this is not dirty! Ah, no!
Robert 'Bibi' Bonnard: But this is only the beginning! It is a picture of a girl, standing like so
[he gets up and imitates the pose; Susan looks shocked]
Susan Bonnard: Jacques!
Jacques Bonnard: This is not dirty.
Robert 'Bibi' Bonnard: But in this picture, on the head, instead of the face of the girl in the magazine, there's drawn the face of Miss Tate, my teacher.
Uncle Desmond Bonnard: This is... indelicate, but it is still not dirty.
Robert 'Bibi' Bonnard: But also with the pencil, many things have been added.
Uncle Louis Bonnard: THIS could be dirty.

Sgt. Hooper: If you wouldn't mind coming along with me, sir, I have to draw up a full report.
Richard Stuart: And you file it under UFO sightings.

Honore Lachaille: Look at all the captivating / fascinating things there are to do!
Gaston Lachaille: Name two.
Honore Lachaille: Look at the pleasures / of the myriad of treasures / we have got!
Gaston Lachaille: Like what?
Honore Lachaille: Look at Paris in the spring / when each solitary thing / is more beautiful than ever before! / You can hear every tree / almost saying "Look at me!"
Gaston Lachaille: What color are the trees?
Honore Lachaille: Green!
Gaston Lachaille: What color were they last year?
Honore Lachaille: Green!
Gaston Lachaille: And next year?
Honore Lachaille: Green!
Gaston Lachaille: It's a bore!

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Louis Jourdan Facts
It was he who found the body of his only child, Louis Henry, 29, in his Beverly Hills home. His son had suffered from depression and had apparently taken an overdose of drugs. The police labeled it a suicide, even though it may have been an accidental overdose.

Older brother of director Pierre Jourdan.

Doesn't watch his own films.

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