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Louis B. Mayer Overview:

Producer, Louis B. Mayer, was born Ezemiel Mayer on Jul 12, 1884 in Dymer, Russian Empire (now Ukraine). Mayer died at the age of 73 on Oct 29, 1957 in Los Angeles, CA and was laid to rest in Home of Peace Memorial Park Cemetery in East Los Angeles, CA.



He was honored with one star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in the category of Motion Pictures. In addition, Mayer was inducted into the Canadian Walk of Fame . However he won one Honorary Award in 1950 for distinguished service to the motion picture industry.

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Honorary Award Oscar 1950

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Louis B. Mayer on the
Hollywood Walk of Fame

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Louis B. Mayer Facts
He was a master manipulator, and it was generally acknowledged that of all the great actors on the lot - the Barrymores, Spencer Tracy, Lon Chaney, Greta Garbo - Mayer was the best. He was not above-- or below-- crying, begging, threatening, charming or cussing (often within the same conversation) anyone out on the lot if it meant getting his way. When Robert Taylor tried to hit him up for a raise, Mayer advised the young man to work hard, respect his elders, and in due time he'd get everything he deserved. He hugged Taylor, cried a little and walked him to the door. Asked if he got his raise, the now tearful Taylor is said to have answered, "No, but I found a father." Taylor, remained a good company man--- and one of the most underpaid top actors on the lot, enjoyed a 25-year career with the studio.

Was highest paid American business executive throughout the 1930s.

Mayer, according to Peter Hays' 1991 book "When the Lion Roars," idealized his mother. He was her favorite son, and she was the main influence on his life. She died in 1913, and Mayer kept a picture of her over his bed the rest of his life. With his mother an icon in his eyes, Mayer revered the concept of motherhood. When director Erich von Stroheim expressed the opinion to Mayer that all women were whores, Mayer asked him if he thought of his own mother that way, and then punched him in the face. Mayer told screenwriter Frances Marion, at their first meeting, that she should never write anything that would embarrass Mayer's own wife and two daughters. He told her, "I worship good women, honorable men and saintly mothers."

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