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Lee Van Cleef Overview:

Character actor, Lee Van Cleef, was born Clarence Leroy Van Cleef Jr. on Jan 9, 1925 in Somerville, NJ. Van Cleef died at the age of 64 on Dec 16, 1989 in Oxnard, CA and was laid to rest in Forest Lawn (Hollywood Hills) Cemetery in Los Angeles, CA.



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Lee Van Cleef Quotes:

Teresa: [Showing off the earings she wants him to buy as 'souvenirs'] Tony, you're not even looking at how pretty they are and only 11 American dollars!
Tony Romano: [Looking at her knowingly] Everything around here's 11 bucks!
Teresa: Tony, you like?
Tony Romano: Charge it with the rest.
Teresa: [Happily] Gracias, Tony!
Tony Romano: [Knowingly] See ya later!

Train Conductor: Hey, Mister, you just can't pull the emergency cord and jump off! Tell me, why did you stop that train? If you wanna get off, you're...
[looks at Mortimer's gun]
Train Conductor: Well, the railroad company would might be pleased to make any arrangements for any passenger, if you wanna get off, Dear Sir.
Col. Douglas Mortimer: I did get off. Thanks.

[Mortimer has just recovered the watch from Indio, which contains a picture of the woman that Indio raped]
Monco: There seems to be a family resemblance.
Col. Douglas Mortimer: Naturally, between brother and sister.

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Lee Van Cleef Facts
He had three children from his first marriage: Deborah, Alan and David.

Interviewed in "Bad at the Bijou" by William R. Horner (McFarland, 1982).

According to the book "Weird NJ" (Sceurman, Mark and Mark Moran, Barnes and Noble Books, 2004 ISBN 0-7607-3979-X) he was a descendant of the Morris County Van Cleefs who were infamous in the area for their strange living and "procreational" efforts. In fact, one trait that Lee had was that he had one green eye and one blue eye. According to the book, "this telltale characteristic was corrected in the movies with colored contact lenses".

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