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Lee Bowman Overview:

Actor, Lee Bowman, was born on Dec 28, 1914 in Cincinnati, OH. Bowman died at the age of 65 on Dec 25, 1979 in Brentwood, Los Angeles and was laid to rest in unknown Cemetery.



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Lee Bowman Quotes:

Noel Wheaton: That's my one virtue. I have nice friends.

Matthew Stoker: Mr. Archer, dishonesty is a sin. May I remind you that I paid you a retainer to get that Bible for me? I'm prepared to pay the balance.
Gilbert Archer: No dice, Reverend. I also accepted a retainer from one Ernst Helms. I've decided to do business with him instead.
Matthew Stoker: Helms?
Gilbert Archer: You'll get your money back.
Matthew Stoker: But Mr. Archer, Helms and I are in partnership.
Gilbert Archer: What?
Matthew Stoker: It was he who secured my Bible for me.
Gilbert Archer: No kidding? You've got the other Bible?
Matthew Stoker: You don't believe me. Perhaps you wouldn't be so skeptical if Helms confirmed it in person.
Gilbert Archer: Frankly, Reverend, I'd be very surprised. If Helms agrees, I'd be glad to turn this Bible over to you.
Matthew Stoker: May I?
[He dials the phone]
Matthew Stoker: Hello, my dear. Has Mr. Helms arrived yet? Excellent. I'm speaking from Mr. Archer's apartment. Mr. Archer would like a consultation with him. Will you ask him to wait for us? Thank you, my dear.
[He turns to Archer]
Matthew Stoker: Would you like to speak to him?
Gilbert Archer: No.
Matthew Stoker: That's all, my dear. Thank you. Now, Mr. Archer, would you be good enough to accompany me and bring the Bible?
Gilbert Archer: OK, Reverend.
[He suddenly frisks Stoker]
Gilbert Archer: I just want to make sure.
Matthew Stoker: Not this visit.
Gilbert Archer: After you.

Jason Prince: Something's gone wrong. The band isn't playing "Hail to the Chief"!

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Lee Bowman Fact
Died 3 days before officially becoming a senior citizen.

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