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Actor, Lee Bowman, was born on Dec 28, 1914 in Cincinnati, OH. Bowman died at the age of 65 on Dec 25, 1979 in Brentwood, Los Angeles and was laid to rest in unknown Cemetery.



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Lee Bowman Quotes:

Rev. George Bradford: [Rausch walks in] You brought everything, Rausch?
[He nods]
Rev. George Bradford: Good work. I'm glad you got here all right.
Gilbert Archer: Mr. Helms got here all right too, didn't he - in the trunk.
Matthew Stoker: You know that too, Mr. Archer?
Gilbert Archer: Yeah, I know that. You came back to Helms' apartment to get rid of the trunk, but you found me there when you arrived. I found the trunk ready to be shipped, yet two of his suits were still hanging in his closet. Obviously there wasn't room for them. I still wasn't sure, but when you were so eager to have Helms' belongings taken to your home, I was convinced his body was in the trunk.
Rev. George Bradford: Right. The trunk is here now, and tonight it'll be at the bottom of the East River. Maybe you'll be there too, Archer.
Matthew Stoker: But first, Mr. Archer, we're going to your apartment, and you're going to tell the desk clerk to get that missing page out of the safe. After we've conducted our business, you may find that trunk a bit cramped, but you won't mind the inconvenience - then.
[the police come in]
Gilbert Archer: I completely forgot to tell you. The police were following the trunk.

Matthew Stoker: Where are those Bibles? Rausch!
[Rausch strikes Archer]
Matthew Stoker: Now Mr. Archer, why did you check a dictionary and an almanac at the library? Or would you rather have another waltz with our friend Rausch here?
Gilbert Archer: How'd you get those books?
Matthew Stoker: I never worry about technicalities, Mr. Archer. Our estimable Rausch persuaded the attendant to give the package to him. You have yourself to blame for what happened. The unfortunate check clerk is now in the emergency hospital in a very precarious condition. Now, why did you check those books in the library?
Gilbert Archer: To throw King Kong off my trail.
Matthew Stoker: I gave you a retainer, Mr. Archer. Where are those Bibles?
Gilbert Archer: What's your hurry? Afraid a couple of murders are going to catch up with you?
Matthew Stoker: I assure you, Mr. Archer, I do not find murder particularly distasteful when necessary. However at the moment, I shall be content with ordering Rausch to beat you within an inch of your life. Where are those Bibles?
Gilbert Archer: Now wait! I'll tell you. Give me a drink first. A Bible isn't always a Bible.
Matthew Stoker: What do you mean by that?
Gilbert Archer: Joshua led his troops seven times around the city of Jericho. Remember, Reverend? Did you look on page seven of this dictionary?

Jason Prince: Something's gone wrong. The band isn't playing "Hail to the Chief"!

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Lee Bowman Fact
Died 3 days before officially becoming a senior citizen.

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