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Lee Bowman Overview:

Actor, Lee Bowman, was born on Dec 28, 1914 in Cincinnati, OH. Bowman died at the age of 65 on Dec 25, 1979 in Brentwood, Los Angeles and was laid to rest in unknown Cemetery.



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Lee Bowman Quotes:

Matthew Stoker: Mr. Archer, I must ask you to forgive this early call, but it's most urgent that we speak with you at once.
Gilbert Archer: What do you want?
Matthew Stoker: I'm sorry, but we must talk to you. It's about some rare Bibles.
Gilbert Archer: Come in. How'd you get past the clerk at the desk?
Matthew Stoker: We didn't, Mr. Archer. The freight elevator was dirty but convenient.
Gilbert Archer: [Looking warily at the man's ministerial collar] You're not a clergyman.
Matthew Stoker: We are missionaries, Mr. Archer.
Gilbert Archer: Did somebody recommend me as a prospect?

Jason Prince: Something's gone wrong. The band isn't playing "Hail to the Chief"!

Noel Wheaton: That's my one virtue. I have nice friends.

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Lee Bowman Fact
Died 3 days before officially becoming a senior citizen.

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