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Legendary actor, Larry Fine, was born Louis Feinberg on Oct 5, 1902 in Philadelphia, PA. Fine died at the age of 72 on Jan 24, 1975 in Woodland Hills, CA .



Fine was never nominated for an Academy Award.

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Larry Fine Quotes:

Larry: This I like, and I get paid for it too

Moe: But we're organized.
[holds up a card with the letters AAM on it]
Moe: The Amalgamated Association of Morons. Local six and seven eighths.
Moe, Curly, Larry: We are morons! Tried and true! We will do our yell for you!

Larry: You don't think I'm going to let that blind bat throw knives at me, do you?
Moe: Blind bat? Why, he can see better than you can and I can prove it.
Larry: Well, you better prove it.
[picks up large round tray and holds it up to Curly-Joe's eyes]
Moe: Maha.
Curly-Joe: [peers in opposite direction] Aha?
Moe: Rajah!
[Curly-Joe turns around and stares closely at tray]
Moe: What is this?
Curly-Joe: Half a dollar.
Larry: You're right. I thought it was a dime.

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Larry Fine Facts
When Joe DeRita was brought into The Three Stooges (as "Curly Joe"), Moe wanted to make him simply an employee. It was Larry who insisted that he be made a full equal partner. Larry reportedly threatened to quit unless Joe was treated fairly.

Lived in the hills of Griffith Park.

When first approached to work for the Stooges, he was performing at the Rainbow Gardens nightclub, under contract to Fred Mann. A few nights after being approached, the police closed the Rainbow Gardens for violating the Prohibition laws, and Fred Mann committed suicide. Now free of his contract, Larry joined the Stooges.

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