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Legendary actor, Larry Fine, was born Louis Feinberg on Oct 5, 1902 in Philadelphia, PA. Fine died at the age of 72 on Jan 24, 1975 in Woodland Hills, CA .



Fine was never nominated for an Academy Award.

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Larry Fine Quotes:

Larry: [carrying a boiling kettle] I got it! Hot water always melts glue.
[Moe begins thrashing as Larry holds him and pours the water onto his mouth]
Moe: [angry] What do you think I am, a lobster? Tryin' to boil me alive?
Larry: [while being slapped in the head by Moe] Well, hot water always melts glue!

Moe: Hey, there's something funny going on around here... I got it, you know Shemp said he was coming back to Earth to haunt us.
Larry: Ah let him come, I ain't afraid of that fat head.
[Shemp hits Larry in the stomach and the head]
Larry: Moe, why'd you hit me for?
Moe: I didn't touch you.
Larry: That's what I was afraid of. Shemp's here! It's him! His ghost just hit me!

Moe: We are official bodyguards. Also double as man Friday.
Larry: And Saturday.

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Larry Fine Facts
Father of actress Phyllis Fine.

Father-in-law of Don Lamond, who appeared in several Stooges full-length features and also hosted the local Three Stooges Television Show in Los Angeles, California, in the late 1950s and early '60s (which helped give The Three Stooges careers a renaissance).

When Joe DeRita was brought into The Three Stooges (as "Curly Joe"), Moe wanted to make him simply an employee. It was Larry who insisted that he be made a full equal partner. Larry reportedly threatened to quit unless Joe was treated fairly.

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