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Legendary actor, Larry Fine, was born Louis Feinberg on Oct 5, 1902 in Philadelphia, PA. Fine died at the age of 72 on Jan 24, 1975 in Woodland Hills, CA .



Fine was never nominated for an Academy Award.

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Larry Fine Quotes:

Moe: You know, for an imbecile, you've got some brains.
Larry: Thanks. Are they showing?
[Moe slaps Larry's head]

[Larry, as a waiter, is passing by, dinner order in hand]
Bearded nightclub patron: [to Larry as he passes by] Uh, pardon me. Do you have 'Peda De Pabwa'?
Larry: [Clearly confused] I'll see if the band can play it.

Count of Fife: [watching two men wrestle] I'll bet on the little guy.
Duke of Durham: How much?
Count of Fife: Three thousand guineas, two geese and a duck.
Duke of Durham: That's a fowl bet.
[Moe bonks Larry on the head]

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Larry Fine Facts
As a child, Larry spilled a bottle of a powerful acid, badly burning his left arm. Doctors recommended that he take violin lessons as therapy to strengthen the damaged muscles. At age ten, he played a solo piece, backed by the Howard Lanin Orchestra. His parents even considered sending him to Europe to study music, but they decided against this when World War I began.

Larry's face was so calloused on one side from all of the years of being slapped, it was all but numb!.

Father of actress Phyllis Fine.

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