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Lance Fuller Overview:

Actor, Lance Fuller, was born on Dec 6, 1928 in Somerset, KY. Fuller died at the age of 73 on Dec 22, 2001 in Los Angeles, CA .



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Lance Fuller Quotes:

George: [to Rita Delaine] Let's go to the temple and ask the gods not to punish us for what you've done.

Colorados: The first thing you must learn from a white man is never ask reason.

Colorados: And you go back to your settlement. Tell them that there are Indians who do not wish death to all whites... but peace.
Sierra Nevada Jones: You going to help us.
Colorados: Is it so hard to believe that I am a human being too?

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Lance Fuller Facts
Part English, French and Cherokee.

Best known for 50s run-of-the-mill horror and sci-fi pictures, many now receiving cult status.

Tested for and nearly won the role of the young boy in The Yearling (1946). The picture was delayed and he outgrew the part. Claude Jarman Jr. was cast instead.

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