Daring Darleen Candlewick

Kim Darby Overview:

Actress, Kim Darby, was born Deborah Zerby on Jul 8, 1947 in Los Angeles, CA. As of December 2019, Kim Darby was 72 years old.



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Kim Darby Quotes:

Mattie Ross: [Rooster and LaBoeuf gallop away from the ferry, leaving Mattie behind] Those horses can't get away from Little Blackie - they're loaded down with fat men and iron.

[Mattie is arguing with Col. Stonehill]
Col. G. Stonehill: I'll take it up with my attorney.
Mattie Ross: And I will take it up with mine - Lawyer Daggett. And he will make money and I will make money and your lawyer will make money... and you, Mr. Licensed Auctioneer, you will foot the bill.

Mattie Ross: I have no regard for you, but I'm sure you have enough for yourself to go around.

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Daring Darleen Candlewick
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Kim Darby Facts
The daughter of dancers Jon Zerby and Inga Wiere, who were known as The Dancing Zerby's, a successful nightclub act in the 1940s and 1950s.

Has one daughter with James Stacy.

Her mother, dancer Inga Wiere, was a younger sister of entertainer Harry Wiere and the other Wiere Brothers.

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