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Actress, Kim Darby, was born Deborah Zerby on Jul 8, 1947 in Los Angeles, CA. As of December 2018, Kim Darby was 71 years old.



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Kim Darby Quotes:

Mattie Ross: [Rooster and LaBoeuf gallop away from the ferry, leaving Mattie behind] Those horses can't get away from Little Blackie - they're loaded down with fat men and iron.

Mattie Ross: There's an old song that says: One white foot buy 'em, two white feet try 'em, three white feet be on the sly, four white feet pass 'em by.

Ned Pepper: Now, what are you doin' here?
Mattie Ross: Tom Chaney shot my father to death in Fort Smith. I was told that Rooster Cogburn has grit. I hired him to go after the murderer. I found him myself and I shot him. If I killed him I would not be in this fix. My revolver misfired.

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Kim Darby Facts
The daughter of dancers Jon Zerby and Inga Wiere, who were known as The Dancing Zerby's, a successful nightclub act in the 1940s and 1950s.

Film acting and directing classes were mandated for all film students in the Entertainment Studies Department at UCLA, where she taught for 15 years (1990-2004).

While her parents, The Dancing Zerbys, were appearing in a Las Vegas showroom, she made her debut at the age of three, when the comedian introduced her on stage one night as the "manager" of the show. She kept the role and stayed in the act until she was old enough to go to school.

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