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Kenneth Mars : Classic Movie Hub (CMH)
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Kenneth Mars Overview:

Actor, Kenneth Mars, was born on Apr 4, 1935 in Chicago, IL. Mars died at the age of 75 on Feb 12, 2011 in Granada Hills, CA .



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Kenneth Mars Quotes:

Franz Liebkind: [runs backstage to try to stop the play]
Stagehand: Hey, what can I do for you?
Franz Liebkind: You will please be unconscious.
[hits him on the head]

Franz Liebkind: Baby! Baby!... Why does he say this "baby"? The Führer has never said "baby". I did not write, "baby". What is it with this, "baby"?

Leo Bloom: There, there.
Franz Liebkind: [crying] Where, where?

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Kenneth Mars Facts
Along with his television and screen work, he has provided numerous voices for animated cartoon characters.

Recorded a comedy LP where he portrayed Henry Kissinger.

Father of Susannah Mars-Johnson and Rebecca Mars-Tipton. He has 6 grandchildren.

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