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Juanita Quigley Overview:

Actress, Juanita Quigley, was born on Jun 24, 1931 in Los Angeles, CA. Quigley died at the age of 86 on Oct 29, 2017 in Sudbury, MA .



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Juanita Quigley Quotes:

Edwina Brown: I'm so angry I could shake you!
Malvolia "Mally" Brown: I only wanted to explain about the polish...
Edwina Brown: you told Miss Sims I was meeting a *boy*! It's a wonder you didn't tell her who and where!
Malvolia "Mally" Brown: I didn't know where!

Baby Jessie Pullman, Age 3: I want my quack-quack!

Nora Paige: Is that your daughter?
Jenny Saks: Yes, first prize at the Marathon Dance.
Nora Paige: I guess your daddy is proud of you.
Sally Saks: I've never seen my daddy.
Nora Paige: Why haven't you told him?
Sally Saks: Because someday we're gonna surprise him.

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Juanita Quigley Facts
She celebrated her sixth birthday by throwing a party for 70 orphan girls at the Los Angeles Orphanage.

Sister of actress Rita Quigley.

Juanita retired from being a nun and married an ex-priest.

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