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John Miljan : Classic Movie Hub (CMH)
Classic Movie Hub (CMH)

Job Actor
Known for Smooth-talking villains; authoritative parts such as high-ranking executives and military officers
Top Roles Undetermined Supporting Role, Lt. Cmdr. Jack Griffin, Bennock, Insp. Burke, The Blind One
Top GenresDrama, Romance, Comedy, Crime, Western, Adventure
Top TopicsBook-Based, Pre-Code Cinema, World War II
Top Collaborators (Director), (Director), (Producer), (Director)
Shares birthday with Marie Dressler, Hedy Lamarr, Mae Marsh  see more..

John Miljan Overview:

Character actor, John Miljan, was born Jovan Miljanovic on Nov 9, 1892 in Lead City, SD. Miljan died at the age of 67 on Jan 24, 1960 in Hollywood, CA .


John Miljan played some of the slimiest villains that ever graced the screen. Under that curly hair and smooth mustache, Miljan had a wolfish smile that oozed charm over many a poor, unfortunate heroine. He had some memorable exchanges with Mae West in "Belle of the Nineties," and was still being principally nasty as late as 1955 in "Pirates of Tripoli".

(Source: available at Amazon Quinlan's Illustrated Dictionary of Film Character Actors).



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John Miljan Quotes:

John 'Kit' McKittrick: [Last Lines] Another sparrow fell.
Inspector 'Toby' Tobin: So long.

Dr. Dolan: [to Mayor Saunders] My humble apologies, John. I underestimated your stupidity allowing a dizzy newspaper blonde to put one over like that.

Jim Curango: [Listening to the corrupt mayor speaking to a women's club on the radio] Hah! We're a cinch! Don't those old dames fall for color? That guy could bring tears to a glass eye!

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John Miljan Facts
Adopted the two sons Creighton Hale had with Victoire Lowe. Lowe convinced the court system that Hale, her ex-husband, was neglectful.

American actor of Serbian descent.

In later years he played imposing, authoritative parts such as high-ranking executives and military officers. He played General Custer in Cecil B. DeMille's The Plainsman (1936).

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