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Actor, Jim Hutton, was born Dana James Hutton on May 31, 1934 in Binghamton, NY. Hutton died at the age of 45 on Jun 2, 1979 in Los Angeles, CA .



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Jim Hutton Quotes:

TV Thompson: Nice kids, aren't they?
Ryder Smith: Yeah, maybe a little too nice.
TV Thompson: Yeah, funny thing about women, if you don't make a big pitch for them, they get mad. If you do, they get mad. How can you win?
Ryder Smith: You can't, you're not playing for the same stakes.
TV Thompson: Boy, I know what you mean. While you're seeing stars, they see a wedding ring. They're so darn, practical.
Ryder Smith: You know something. I don't think they realize what a risk marriage is for men.
TV Thompson: Well not so much for a guy like you, you can afford to be wrong. I can't even afford to be right.

Lt. Graham: [to an artilleryman, just before the final battle] Simon? Get the fuse ready. We're about to engage the pride of Europe.

Police Captain: [over police radio] Car 19... Student in pajamas directing traffic.
Tuggle Carpenter: [points to TV's radio] What's that?
TV Thompson: Police calls! I like to keep track of my friends.

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Jim Hutton Facts
Started acting while serving with the U.S. Army in Germany. Founder and actor/director of the first English-speaking theatre in Berlin.

Yvette Vickers, July 1959 Playboy Centerfold and actress in such films as "Hud" and "Attack of the 50-Foot Woman" - whose "mummified" body was found alone in her Benedict Canyon home years later in 2010, was divorced twice and had an on-and-off 15-year relationship with the late actor Jim Hutton, often referred to by Ms Vickers as the true "love of her life.".

The father of the actor Timothy Hutton.

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