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Legendary actress, Jennifer Jones, was born Phylis Lee Isley on Mar 2, 1919 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Jones died at the age of 90 on Dec 17, 2009 in Malibu, CA and was cremated and her ashes given to family or friend.



Jennifer Jones was nominated for five Academy Awards, winning one for Best Actress for The Song of Bernadette (as Bernadette Soubirous) in 1943.

Academy Awards

YearAwardFilm nameRoleResult
1943Best ActressThe Song of Bernadette (1943)Bernadette SoubirousWon
1944Best Supporting ActressSince You Went Away (1944)Jane HiltonNominated
1945Best ActressLove Letters (1945)SingletonNominated
1946Best ActressDuel in the Sun (1946)Pearl ChavezNominated
1955Best ActressLove Is a Many-Splendored Thing (1955)Han SuyinNominated

She was honored with one star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in the category of Motion Pictures.

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Jennifer Jones Quotes:

Jane Deborah Hilton: You were talking about how your grandfather always wanted you to be a soldier. Would you like a sandwich or something?
Corporal William G. 'Bill' Smollett II: He wanted me to be a general.
Jane Deborah Hilton: But didn't you want to be a general?
Corporal William G. 'Bill' Smollett II: Well, no I didn't.
Jane Deborah Hilton: But why not, Bill?
Corporal William G. 'Bill' Smollett II: I had an idea it was more important to build things. But, I don't mean it isn't terribly important being a soldier. I don't know how we'd keep the things we build without them.
Jane Deborah Hilton: Of course. But you said you went to West Point. I should think you'd be a lot more than a -
Corporal William G. 'Bill' Smollett II: More than a corporal, you mean.
Jane Deborah Hilton: Let's have a picnic sometime. I'll bring a - Bill, I didn't mean that. It's wonderful being a corporal.
Corporal William G. 'Bill' Smollett II: No, you meant that if I went to the Academy, I ought to be more than a corporal. Well, you might as well know it. I - I was kicked out and I broke Grandpa's heart.
Jane Deborah Hilton: I'm sure it wasn't your fault.
Corporal William G. 'Bill' Smollett II: Yes, it was.
Jane Deborah Hilton: Bill, come and sit down.
Corporal William G. 'Bill' Smollett II: Look. Grandpa's father carried this watch at Vicksburg. Grandpa gave it to me on my tenth birthday. He had it engraved for me. Read it. I'll light a match.
Jane Deborah Hilton: "To William G. Smollett, the Second, who will lead men to glory on the battlefield." You must have been terribly pleased.
Corporal William G. 'Bill' Smollett II: I said, "Grandpa, don't people hurt each other in war?" You see, I was only ten. He took the watch away from me. But he gave it back to me again when I entered the Academy. Aw, Jane, I did my best, but I could never make a good officer. I can't lead men, and I know it, so even if I led my class the way Grandpa thought I should -

Mark Elliott: Are we going swimming?
Dr. Han Suyin: Mark, going out with you once was harmless enough. I don't want my seeing you to be awkward. Hong Kong has a peculiar code and malice is a pleasant pastime for women with nothing to do.

Corporal William G. 'Bill' Smollett II: You will marry me when it's over, won't you, Jane? You won't be mad at me because I didn't marry you now?
Jane Deborah Hilton: Of course I won't be mad. But you take care of yourself.
Corporal William G. 'Bill' Smollett II: I will.
Jane Deborah Hilton: You write to me.
Corporal William G. 'Bill' Smollett II: I will. You do understand, don't you?
Jane Deborah Hilton: I think so.
Corporal William G. 'Bill' Smollett II: You know it's because I wouldn't want you to be - Well, you know, if anything happened to me ...
Jane Deborah Hilton: A widow, you mean.
Corporal William G. 'Bill' Smollett II: Well, yes, but not only that. If something happened - I mean, if I was -
Jane Deborah Hilton: If you were wounded? Oh, Bill, I'd take care of you the rest of our lives, always.

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Jennifer Jones Facts
Son Michael Walker born on March 13, 1941, died December 23, 2007.

Was a good friend of Peggy Knudsen.

Was the daughter of the owners and stars of Isley Stock Col, a tent show that toured the Midwest. Became interested in acting while young and appeared in her parent's shows.

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