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Legendary actress, Jane Powell, was born Suzanne Lorraine Burce on Apr 1, 1929 in Portland, OR. Powell appeared in over 45 film and TV roles. Her best known films include Royal Wedding (with Fred Astaire), A Date with Judy (with Elizabeth Taylor), Two Weeks with Love (with Ricardo Montalban), and Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (with Howard Keel). As of December 2017, Jane Powell was 88 years old.


Jane Powell was a sweet-faced American singing star with bubbly blonde hair -- the refreshing teenager who gazed at the hero from afar but eventually got him in MGM musicals of the forties and fifties. Her film career suffered with the demise of the original screen musical, but she continued working in TV and the theater. She married her fifth husband, former child star, Dickie Moore, in 1988.

(Source: available at Amazon Quinlan's Film Stars).


Jane Powell authored an autobiography called The Girl Next Door and How She Grew in 1988.



She was honored with one star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in the category of Motion Pictures. Powell was never nominated for an Academy Award.

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Jane Powell Quotes:

Sam: When are you gonna marry me Milly?
Milly: Oh, next week Sam.
Tom: She's gonna marry me, ain't you Milly?
Milly: What would your wife say Tom?

Milly: Good morning my brothers. If you're looking for your outside clothes they're hanging up drying on the line. I came in before and got them. I couldn't get your inside clothes so I'll take them now.
Benjamin Pontipee: Our underwear?
Milly: You're winter underwear that you're sleeping in. You might as well hand it over because you're not gonna get your clothes or food or nothing til you get all cleaned up and shaved.
Benjamin Pontipee: Where's Adam? We wanna talk to Adam.
Milly: He's out plowing, he had his breakfast over a half an hour ago. I got hot muffins waiting, crisp bacon, steak, fryer potatoes, fresh ground coffee. Now do I get that winter underwear or do I have to come in there and take it off of you?
Benjamin Pontipee: Don't listen to her. She wouldn't dare.
Milly: Oh wouldn't I?

Melvin R. Foster: What ever happened to Oogie?
Judy Foster: Oh I just gave him up forever for a little while.

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Jane Powell Facts
Learned and loved to cook before she was 10 years old.

Although one of the best singers of her time, Powell never learned to play an instrument or read music.

First husband Geary Steffin gained fame as a professional figure skater partnering with Sonja Henie. They appeared in ice carnivals as well as motion pictures during the 1940s. He died on July 14, 2004 in Santa Monica, California.

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