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Job Animator, voice actor, musician and head of Disney sound effects department
Years active 1934-1977
Top Roles Bruno / Gus / Jaques, Sound Effects Man, Dormouse, The Bees, Percussionist
Top GenresFamily, Animation, Short Films, Comedy, Fantasy, Adventure
Top TopicsDisney, Book-Based, Mistaken Identity
Top Collaborators (Producer), , (Director), (Director)
Shares birthday with James Fox, Michael Balcon, Augusta Ciolli  see more..

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James MacDonald Overview:

Actor, James MacDonald, was born John James MacDonald on May 19, 1906 in Dundee, Scotland. MacDonald died at the age of 84 on Feb 1, 1991 in Glendale, CA .



On October 20, 1993, MacDonald received the Disney Legends Award for living up to the Disney principals of imagination, skill, discipline, craftsmanship and magic.

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James MacDonald Quotes:

[last lines]
Mickey Mouse: Goodbye! Goodbye, little feller!

Alice: Well, it all started when I was sitting on the river bank with Dinah.
March Hare: Very interesting - Who's Dinah?
[Pants lasciviously]
Alice: Oh, Dinah's my cat. You see...
Dormouse: Cat? CAT!

Dormouse: Twinkle twinkle, little bat / How I wonder what you're at? / Up above the world you fly / Like a tea tray in the sky.

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