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Actor, James Fox, was born William Fox on May 19, 1939 in London, England. As of December 2018, James Fox was 79 years old.



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James Fox Quotes:

[looking at one of the gargoyles on the building he's climbing]
Jimmy Smith: Why, Judith Tremaine! Fancy meeting you here!

[first lines]
Hugo Barrett: Excuse me, sir. My name is Barrett, sir.
Tony: Oh God, of course. I'm so sorry. I fell asleep. We've got an appointment.
Hugo Barrett: Yes, sir.
Tony: What time?
Hugo Barrett: 3'o clock, sir.
Tony: And what time is now?
Hugo Barrett: 3'o clock, sir.
Tony: Uh, it was too many beers at lunch, that's what it is. Do you drink beer?
Hugo Barrett: No. No, I don't sir.
Tony: Well, come upstairs. We can sit down. I'm just back from Africa, I'm quite liking it. What do you think of the house?
Hugo Barrett: It's so nice, sir.
Tony: Needs a lot to be done with, of course.

Jimmy Smith: [as he's being dragged away by Miss Flannery] It seems I'm leaving now. Goodbye, Millie.

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James Fox Facts
The second of three sons of Angela Fox and the theatrical agent Robin Fox.

He played King George V in W.E. (2011), in which his son played Laurence Fox played King George VI. His elder brother Edward Fox had previously played George V's son and eventual successor King Edward VIII (the Duke of Windsor) in "Edward & Mrs. Simpson" (1978).

He replaced actor John Woods in the Old Vic's early 2006 production of the Arthur Miller play "Resurrection Blues", which was directed by Robert Altman in his London theatrical debut, one month before previews began. The play was widely panned by critics, partly due to the divergent acting styles of the eclectic cast assembled by Robert Altman, which included the Swiss actor Maximilian Schell as Fox's character's cousin.

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