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Actor, James Fox, was born William Fox on May 19, 1939 in London, England. As of December 2019, James Fox was 80 years old.



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James Fox Quotes:

Jimmy Smith: [as he's being dragged away by Miss Flannery] It seems I'm leaving now. Goodbye, Millie.

Tony: I want an explanation!
Hugo Barrett: Might I have a word with you alone, sir?
Tony: Do you realize that what you've done is a CRIMINAL offence?
Hugo Barrett: Criminal, sir?
Tony: She's your sister, you bastard!
Hugo Barrett: She's not my sister, sir. So if I may say so, that puts us both rather in the same boat. He knows precisely what I mean. In any case, apart for the area being in your room, I'm perfectly in my rights. Vera is my fiancée.
Tony: What?

Tony: Do you want to go there?
Susan: Where?
Tony: The jungle.
Susan: No. Not now.
Tony: Not now.
[kisses her]

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James Fox Facts
Uncle of actress Emilia Fox and Freddie Fox.

Had a relationship with the actress Sarah Miles in the early 1960s.

The second of three sons of Angela Fox and the theatrical agent Robin Fox.

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