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Jack Mercer Overview:

Actor, Jack Mercer, was born on Jan 13, 1910 in New York City, NY. Mercer died at the age of 74 on Dec 4, 1984 in Queens, NY and was cremated and his ashes scattered location unknown.



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Mini Tribute: Voice Actor

By Annmarie Gatti on Jan 13, 2013 From Classic Movie Hub Blog

Born January 13, 1910 Voice Actor ! began his career as an ‘inbetweener’ (apprentice animator) at Fleischer Studios. Soon afterwards he was ‘discovered’ by Fleischer, and most famously became the voice of Popeye the Sailor and Felix the Cat. Mercer also... Read full article

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Jack Mercer Quotes:

Abu Hassan: Giddup horsy!
[charges at Popeye]
Popeye: [fists up] Come on!
Abu Hassan: Hat!
[steals Popeye's hat as he passes by him]
Popeye: [disoriented] There must be a gale wind blowing through here someplace...
Abu Hassan: Shirt!
[passes by Popeye again, and takes his shirt off him]
Popeye: Shirt?... SHIRT! Hey, gimme back me shirt! What's the big idea? Stop, in the name of the Coast Guard!
[grabs Abu Hassan, pulls him off his horse and gets back his hat and shirt]

Popeye: [to Wimpy] Hey, we gotta save Olive Oyl! Into the drink!
[jumps into the ocean with Wimpy in tow]

[the roc capsizes Popeye's ship]
Popeye: Whoa! Man the lifeboats!
[Popeye falls into the sea, but climbs aboard the overturned hull, carrying Wimpy with him]
Popeye: That was a nice ship we had once...

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