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Jack Gwillim Overview:

Character actor, Jack Gwillim, was born Jack William Frederick Gwillim on Dec 15, 1909 in Canterbury, Kent. Gwillim died at the age of 91 on Jul 2, 2001 in Los Angeles, CA .



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Jack Gwillim Quotes:

Supt. Andrews: Williams, put the kettle on and bring in a file named Rossiter.

Commandant, Grizedale: Something's hatching. Prisoners always have complaints, as a matter of principle. When they haven't - then you watch.

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Jack Gwillim Facts
Joined the Royal Navy at the age of 17.

When cast as dignified figures of authority, Gwillim seems to have merely played himself. Michael Powell described him as "six-feet-two, taciturn, polite, and every inch of him Royal Navy." Powell added that during the filming of Pursuit of the Graf Spee "the other actors had to mind their p's' and and q's'" whenever Gwillim was present. ..."a glance from those grey eyes stiffened their backbones.".

He was nominated for a 1977 Joseph Jefferson Award for Actor in a Supporting Role for his performance in "Too Good To Be True" at the Academy Festival Theatre in Chicago, Illinois.

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