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Jack Elam Overview:

Character actor, Jack Elam, was born William Scott Elam on Nov 13, 1920 in Miami, Gila. Elam died at the age of 82 on Oct 20, 2003 in Ashland, OR .



Elam was inducted into the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum .

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Jack Elam Quotes:

Preacher Weatherby: [to Brownie after marrying him to Mercy] I said 'amen.' You can kiss her even if you have before.

Jason McCullough: Well, do you see anything?
Jake: No. What are we lookin' for?
Jason McCullough: What are we lookin' for? We're lookin' for nuggets, a vein, the mother lode!
Jake: What's the mother lode?
Jason McCullough: I'm beginning to get the horrible feelin' you know even less about gold mining than I do, Jake.
Jake: Course I don't know anything about gold mining!
Jason McCullough: Well, what do you think I brought you along for? I thought everyone around here knew about mining.
Jake: Well I don't! I might be able to give you a few tips about shoveling horse... working around the stable, but I don't know nothing about huntin' gold.

Charlie Max: Women are worse than flies.

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Jack Elam Facts
Was known to be great at all forms of gambling. Also great at winning games played with people on sets.

Daughters: Jeri Elam and Jacqueline Elam.

Made a career with his eerie, immobile eye, which was caused by a fight with another kid at the age of 12. It happened during a Boy Scout meeting when another boy took a pencil, threw it, and it jabbed his eyeball.

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Cowboy Museum Hall of Fame

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