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Irving Bacon Overview:

Character actor, Irving Bacon, was born on Sep 6, 1893 in St. Joseph, MO. Bacon died at the age of 71 on Feb 5, 1965 in Hollywood, CA .


Irving Bacon was a soft-spoken, genial American mid-westerner. Usually cast as a solid citizen, Bacon could project honesty, friendliness and perplexity with equal ease, sometimes all three together, as with his long-running characterization of the mailman in the Blondie films. Sometimes his honesty was turned into gullibility with equal success.

(Source: available at Amazon Quinlan's Illustrated Dictionary of Film Character Actors).



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Irving Bacon Quotes:

Sheriff Skeeter Davis: What brings a marshal here?
Rocky Lane: I'm lookin' for the leader of a gang called "The Lost Men."
Sheriff Skeeter Davis: The Lost Men?
Rocky Lane: Yep. They're a bunch of outlaws and killers from all over the West. They seem to drop out of sight in their regular haunts. They're hard to get a line on. From all we can learn, they drift into this part of Arizona. My job is to find him.
Sheriff Skeeter Davis: Well, sir, I'll just bet you come to the right place. With all the shootin' and killin' around here, it must be that gang. Why, we've had more killin's than they had at Custer's Last Stand!

Speed: She took eight gallons. That's a dollar twenty-eight.

Tom Eggers: Ain't you forgettin' this is my property?
Matt Cooper: [with gun pointed at Tom] Ain't you forgettin' this is my gun?

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Irving Bacon Facts
Had two children: Robert (1922) and Barbara (1927). His wife died within a year or so after the birth of their second child.

Attended Santa Clara College in San Jose, California.

Screen, stage, and television actor.

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