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Character actress, Iris Adrian, was born Iris Adrian Hostetter on May 29, 1912 in Los Angeles, CA. Adrian appeared in over 155 film and TV roles. Her best known films include The Odd Couple, Lady of Burlesque, The Stork Club, The Paleface, The Love Bug, The Errand Boy, That Darn Cat!, The Shaggy D.A., and Freaky Friday. Adrian died at the age of 82 on Sep 17, 1994 in Hollywood, CA and was laid to rest in Forest Lawn (Hollywood Hills) Cemetery in Los Angeles, CA.


'Fluffy blonde' Iris Adrian, was a supporting actress, a chorus girl (and beauty contest winner) in the late 1920s who graduated to play dozens of flea-brained floozies and garrulous gold-diggers, progressing plumply to wisecracking matrons in later years. She also turned up in several cameos for the Walt Disney studio from the early 1960s to the late 1970s.

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Iris Adrian Quotes:

[arguing with Dan and Iggy when a $20 bill starts to fall]
Landlady: And I don't care, this is gonna cost you.
[a twenty-dollar bill fell in her hands but Iggy quietly pickpocketed it back]
Landlady: Twenty bucks! Well, I guess that makes us even.

Landlady: Hold it! Who do you think you're kidding?
Iggy: What do you mean?
Landlady: You think I don't know what's going on upstairs?
Iggy: You do?
Landlady: I didn't come in from Stupidsville on last night's bus! You've got a woman in that apartment.
Iggy: Wow, hold it! What kind of talk is that?
Landlady: Don't double-talk me! I've got ears, haven't I?
Iggy: It's Dan's mother, you see she came down all un-expected like.
Landlady: I don't care if it's Pocahontas!

Arleen Grady: This place gives me the heebie-jeebies! It reminds me of prison.

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Iris Adrian Facts
She has an entry in: 'The Versatiles: A Study of Supporting Character Actors and Actresses in the American Motion Picture, 1930-1955', written by Aldred E. Towney and Arthur F. McClure, published in 1969.

Suffered a broken hip during the January 17 1994 Northridge (California) earthquake and died of complications exactly eight months later. She was interred at Forest Lawn - Hollywood Hills Cemetery.

She was married three times. Her first two ended in divorce, but her last marriage to football star Ray (Fido) Murphy lasted over 30 years. She had no children.

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