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Irene Hervey Overview:

Actress, Irene Hervey, was born Beulah Irene Herwick on Jul 11, 1909 in Venice, CA. Hervey died at the age of 89 on Dec 20, 1998 in Woodland Hills, CA .



She was honored with one star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in the category of Motion Pictures.

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Irene Hervey Quotes:

[last lines]
Mayor Hansen: Since I'm the one who had O'Brien kick you off the force, I'm asking him to give you back your badge.
Police Chief Martin O'Brien: Will you take it, Bill?
Det. Lt. Bill Bannister: Thank you, sir.
[Bill read the inscription on the badge]
Det. Lt. Bill Bannister: Detective captain!
Mayor Hansen: It should read, "Gang Buster Number One".
Vicki Logan: Well, that's the way it goes - demoted one day and promoted the next.
Police Chief Martin O'Brien: You know, Bil, I want to make you Chief, but I suddently remember that was me!
Vicki Logan: Hold it, gentlemen.
[Vicki flashes her camera]

Stephanie: Really, Mrs Durant. Your teeth are more important than your hair.
Mrs. Durant: You really believe that, don't you. Sad.

Mrs. Durant: Oh, isn't he a marvelous dentist?
Harvey Greenfield: Great.
Mrs. Durant: But with his talents he would have made an even better obstetrician.

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Irene Hervey on the
Hollywood Walk of Fame

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Irene Hervey Facts
Ex-mother-in-law of Jill St. John.

Mother, with Allan Jones, of pop singer Jack Jones.

Was briefly engaged to Robert Taylor early in his career, but it didn't work out due to his "impossible jealousy", as Irene explained later.

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