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Huntz Hall Overview:

Actor, Huntz Hall, was born Henry Richard Hall on Aug 15, 1920 in New York City, NY. Hall died at the age of 78 on Jan 30, 1999 in North Hollywood, CA .



He appears on the cover of The Beatles' Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band album.

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Huntz Hall Quotes:

Glimpy: I milked a cow once, you know it's got four faucets to it.
Danny: What for?
Glimpy: Well the first faucet's for buttermilk, the second's for bottled milk, and the third's for evaporated milk.
Danny: What's the fourth one for?
Glimpy: Come to think of it, this cow only had three faucets.

Glimpy: What did I do now? You said you wanted to make a pyramid.
Muggs: You'll never make it, ya bunch of...
Glimpy: Well, I'm not an Egyptian!

Pig: Now look what you got us into! Jobs!

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Huntz Hall Facts
Despite the Germanic appearance which resulted in his nickname, he was actually of Irish ancestry.

Huntz's only son is Leslie Richard, born September 22, 1949. He changed his name to Gary.

Rock-n-Roll guitarist Rick Nielsen, of Cheap Trick, modeled his wardrobe and appearance after Huntz Hall.

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The Beatles Sgt Pepper Cover

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