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Actor, Horst Buchholz, was born Horst Werner Buchholz on Dec 4, 1933 in Berlin, Germany. Buchholz died at the age of 69 on Mar 3, 2003 in Berlin, Germany .



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John Mills, , and Hayley Mills struggle in “Tiger Bay” Tiger Bay (1959) is a British crime drama directed by J. Lee Thompson and starring John Mills, , and Hayley Mills in her first major film role. The plot centers around a young Polish sailor named Bron... Read full article

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Horst Buchholz Quotes:

Gillie: Shalln't I ever see you again?
Korchinsky: Maybe... someday. It really doesn't matter though. Whereever I am, you're still my friend.

Cesar: You know Marius, I think it's about time you got married.
Marius: Me? Why?
Cesar: Now now, Marius. Don't take me for an idiot. I know you love Fanny.
Marius: Who told you?
Cesar: [Sarcastic] My little finger.
Marius: Then that little finger is not so bright.

Otto: I'll pick you up at 6:30 sharp, because the 7:00 train for Moscow leaves promptly at 8:15.

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Horst Buchholz Facts
Made his Broadway debut with "Cherie" in 1959.

Christopher Buchholz directed the movie Horst Buchholz... mein Papa (2005) , which deals with his father's life and their relationship.

Despite being of German/Danish background, he has portrayed a variety of roles that include a Mexican gunman(The Magnificent Seven (1960)), a Russian soldier (Sky Without Stars (1955)), a Polish sailor (Tiger Bay (1959)), and and Italian painter (The Empty Canvas (1963)).

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