Job Actress
Years active 1932-1945
Known for The 'other woman'; often unsympathetic, self-involved and backstabbing
Top Roles Doris Delafield, Helena Draque, Arlene Terry, Claire Monet, Helen
Top GenresDrama, Comedy, Romance, Crime, Film Adaptation, Musical
Top TopicsChristmas, Book-Based, Sequels
Top Collaborators , (Director), , (Producer)
Shares birthday with Dolores Costello, Anne Bancroft, Roddy McDowall  see more..

Helen Vinson Overview:

Character actress, Helen Vinson, was born Helen Rulfs on Sep 17, 1907 in Beaumont, TX. Vinson died at the age of 92 on Oct 7, 1999 in Chapel Hill, NC and was laid to rest in Oak Grove Cemetery in Nacogdoches, TX.


In Hollywood from 1932, Helen Vinson quickly became the "other woman" (1940, "Torrid Zone"), par excellence, although she fought against the typecasting, and in the mid-1930s went to Britain in search of a wider range of leading roles. She left films in the post-war years to concentrate on a stage career. Briefly (second of three husbands) married to British tennis star Fred Perry in 1935. 

(Source: available at Amazon Quinlan's Illustrated Dictionary of Film Character Actors).



She was honored with one star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in the category of Motion Pictures.

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"How veddy good of you to cahm!" Of all the actors and actresses who appeared in 1930s movies, (1907-99) was certainly one of them. Born Helen Rulfs in Beaumont, Texas, Vinson was the daughter of an oil company executive and grew up on a country estate. She attended the University of ... Read full article

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Helen Vinson Quotes:

James Allen: Do you mind if we stay here awhile, or must you go home?
Helen: There are no musts in my life. I'm free, white and twenty-one.

Marianne Horne: What a shame to meet a man like that in a shop.
Baroness Teri von Horhenfels: Why a shame?
Marianne Horne: He's the sort of robber one should meet in a Pullman!
Baroness Teri von Horhenfels: What do you mean?
Marianne Horne: Didn't you see in the paper?
Baroness Teri von Horhenfels: No!
Marianne Horne: Last week an American woman was robbed in the Simplon Express. Stripped right down to her teddies!
Baroness Teri von Horhenfels: *No*!
Marianne Horne: What would you do if you found yourself in your teddies?
Baroness Teri von Horhenfels: What would *you* do??
Marianne Horne: Let the train go on!
Baroness Teri von Horhenfels: [laughing] Lost soul!
Marianne Horne: When I'm travelling at the rate of 80 miles per hour, I'm not responsible for my actions.

Baroness Teri von Horhenfels: There now, you can go!
Marianne Horne: Be displeased with me! I can't help it. I'm a respectable woman and I'm afraid.
Baroness Teri von Horhenfels: Don't you think I'm afraid? I shan't close my eyes all night.
Marianne Horne: Well, this is *one* night I shall be very glad to be with my husband!

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