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Helen Broderick Overview:

Legendary character actress, Helen Broderick, was born on Aug 11, 1891 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Broderick died at the age of 68 on Sep 25, 1959 in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles and was laid to rest in Ferndale Cemetery in Johnstown, Fulton County, NY.


The mother of Broderick Crawford, Helen Broderick was a Broadway favorite for many years, brightening comedies and musicals with her caustic humor and ability to sing, dance, or do almost anything else required of her. In movies, often working with topnotch performers like Victor Moore, she was fated to be cast in third-rate productions of second-rate screenplays. When a good one came along, like Top Hat (1935), she was marvelous. Other films include 50 Million Frenchmen (1931), Love on a Bet (1936), Meet the Missus (1937), Father Takes a Wife (1941) and Because of Him (1946).

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Broderick was never nominated for an Academy Award.

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Helen Broderick Quotes:

Dale Tremont: Madge, have you any objections if I scare your husband so that he'll never look at another woman?
Madge Hardwick: Dale, no husband is ever too scared to look.

Madge Hardwick: In spite of the fact that all men are, er, male, there's no feeling so secure as having a good reliable husband.

Mrs. Susan Smith: Your horoscope says "Beware of 1940."

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Helen Broderick Facts
Mother of Broderick Crawford.

In addition to her appearances with Fred Astaire in Top Hat (1935) and Swing Time (1936), Broderick starred with Astaire in the Broadway version of "The Band Wagon" in 1931.

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