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Hattie Jacques Overview:

Character actress, Hattie Jacques, was born Josephine Edwina Jacques on Feb 7, 1922 in Sandgate, Kent. Jacques died at the age of 58 on Oct 6, 1980 in Kensington, London .


Hattie Jacques was a  beaming British character actress who played vivid supporting roles from her early twenties. She was a radio comedienne from 1947, but did not get into her film comedy stride until the "Carry On" series came along. Later, she was a notable foil for Eric Sykes in his long-running television shows ("Sykes" and "Sykes and a..."). She was married to actor John le Mesurier from 1949 to 1965. She died from a heart attack.

(Source: available at Amazon Quinlan's Illustrated Dictionary of Film Character Actors).



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Hattie Jacques Quotes:

The Colonel: Come come, Matron. Surely you've seen a temperature taken like this before?
Matron: Yes Colonel. But never with a daffodil!

Grace Short: Mr Wakefield, these children, discovered you were planning to leave. They don't want you to leave. It's as simple as that. They feel, as does the entire school, that Maudlin Street, wouldn't be the same without you. They thought of getting up a petition, but decided that wasn't certain to succeed. Besides such an action was considered by them to be, soft, not the Maudlin Street way. So, with all the circumstances in their favour, they decided to make sure, you would never obtain a post anywhere else, and launched their campaign to that end, with the whole school behind them. You may wish to proceed with punishing these boys. Personally, I would count my years in the profession, well spent, if they do half as much, to make me stay among them.

Dr. Kenneth Soaper: [on disturbing Matron in the shower] Matron, this is the *men's*!
Miss Haggerd: Go away, Doctor Soaper!

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Hattie Jacques Facts
Attended The Godolphin and Latymer School in Hammersmith, London on a scholarship.

Last name was pronounced as "Jakes" rather than the French "Jacques" ("zhack").

Two sons with actor John Le Mesurier: Robin Le Mesurier and Kim Le Mesurier. Kim died of an accidental drugs overdose on 6 October 1981, exactly a year after his mother.

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