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Actor, Glenn Strange, was born George Glenn Strange on Aug 16, 1899 in Weed, NM. Strange died at the age of 74 on Sep 20, 1973 in Los Angeles, CA and was laid to rest in Forest Lawn (Hollywood Hills) Cemetery in Los Angeles, CA.



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Glenn Strange Quotes:

[Elmer, Alibi's ventriloquist dummy, is reading minds]
Elmer, Alibi's dummy: Quiet! I got to concentrate here. You're thinkin' about somebody that's dead. Somebody named R... O... Roberts!
Henchman Chuck: So what? Reno Red and Roberts are all the same guy.
'Alibi' Terhune: Is that right? Do you know somebody named Roberts?
Rance Austin: I used to. Go ahead... Tell me what I'm thinkin' about.
Elmer, Alibi's dummy: I can't get it clear. No, I lost it... No, I get it. You're thinking about his money!
Rance Austin: That dummy's too smart!

[Dolan is unhitching Dan's stagecoach horses]
Stagecoach passenger: Having trouble?
Henchman Dolan: Not me. I'm having fun!

Rig Ferris: [Jeff has just been given a job as a ranch hand by a no-nonsense foreman] All right, I might as well tell 'ya right now, we got some strict rules on this place. We don't run our cattle like wild Indians 'cause it takes the fat off. We don't rope 'em unless we have to. We got some good-blooded stuff on this ranch and we can't sell 'em with broken legs.

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Glenn Strange Facts
Hobbies: hunting, fishing...and cooking.

A singing, songwriting cowboy by trade, Glenn collaborated on various tunes with western actor Eddie Dean, including the opening title song for Dean's oater Tumbleweed Trail (1946). In 1973, Dean would sing at Glenn's funeral service.

Children by his third wife, Minnie Thompson: Harry Glenn Strange and Janine Laraine Strange.

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