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George E. Stone Overview:

Actor, George E. Stone, was born Gerschon Lichtenstein on May 18, 1903 in Lódz, Poland. Stone died at the age of 64 on May 26, 1967 in Woodland Hills, CA .



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George E. Stone Quotes:

Sol Levy: They will always talk about Yancy. He's gonna be part of the history of the great Southwest. It's men like him that build the world. The rest of them, like me... why, we just come along and live in it.

Ziggie Feinstein: [Pointing his finger at her] Say, on the level, don't you know where the boss is?
Miss Taylor: [Sticking her finger in his stomach] On the level, I don't, but you might try Corcoran's or maybe you've been thrown out of that speakeasy.
Ziggie Feinstein: They don't throw you out of speakeasies... they carry you out!

Mrs. Mary Morris: You act more like you're opening a safe than a can.
Patsy: Ain't it funny how them habits hang on?

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George E. Stone Fact
He came to the United States at the age of 10 with his family. They lived in Paterson, New Jersey.

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