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Gene Evans Overview:

Character actor, Gene Evans, was born Eugene Barton Evans on Jul 11, 1922 in Holbrook, AZ. Evans died at the age of 75 on Apr 1, 1998 in Jackson, TN .



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Gene Evans Quotes:

Phineas Mitchell: The press is good or evil according to the character of those who direct it.

Steve Karnes: [looking at the instrument plate] This is very impressive, but I'm not going to perform surgery... I'm going to cut a fish.

Chief Mechanic's Mate Sam Tostin: I'm a religious man, Captain, and I believe we'll get through if the Good Lord puts His mind to it. Of course, He'll have to give us His undivided attention

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Gene Evans Facts
Although he often played tough, snarling sergeants, gunslingers or cops, in reality Evans had very poor eyesight and could barely see without his glasses. Only in Donovan's Brain (1953) did his character, a scientist, get to wear glasses, and Evans at the time remarked that it was a revelation for him to be able to actually see the actors he was working with.

Served in the US Army during World War II, during which he received a Purple Heart for wounds received in battle and a Bronze Star for bravery.

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