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Character actress, Frieda Inescort, was born Frieda Wrightman on Jun 29, 1901 in Edinburgh, UK. Inescort died at the age of 74 on Feb 26, 1976 in Woodland Hills, Los Angeles .


Frieda Inescort was a tall, dark, Scottish-born actress with faintly forbidding good looks. The daughter of actress Elaine Inescort (only film, 1933's  Rolling in Money), she began her film career in America, where she had lived and worked first as a secretary, then as a stage actress since 1921. In the 1930s, she appeared as society wives, scheming women and aristocratic cousins. After a break of five years, she played out the remainder of her career in older character roles. She died from multiple sclerosis.

(Source: available at Amazon Quinlan's Illustrated Dictionary of Film Character Actors).



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Frieda Inescort Quotes:

[first lines]
Mr. Richard Lancing: Wildebeest again.
Mrs. Richard Lancing: I think we've seen about a million today.

Lady Jane Ainsley: Your eyes look like burning coals. Don't come any nearer. Don't touch me.

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Frieda Inescort Facts
Her husband committed suicide with pills. He told her after he took them, but it was too late to save him.

An avid knitter, she often gave hand-knitted gifts for friends and co-workers.

Daughter of actress Elaine Inescourt.

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