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Actor, Esmond Knight, was born Esmond Penington Knight on May 4, 1906 in East Sheen, England. Knight died at the age of 80 on Feb 23, 1987 in London, England .



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Esmond Knight Quotes:

The Old General: [Speaking to the old Ayah, who dates back to when the palace, now intended for nuns, was used to house Toda Rai's father's concubines] Now listen, Ayah. I have invited some ladies to stay here, at the "house of women."
Angu Ayah: [Ecstatic, not realizing that the "ladies" Toda Rai is referring to are nuns] Ladies! Oh, that will be like old times!
The Old General: It will not be in the least like old times. They are not that kind of "lady" at all!
Angu Ayah: Then they won't be any fun.
The Old General: They are not coming for fun. These are nuns. Do you know what a nun is?
Angu Ayah: [Disdainfully] They kneel and pray all day like the monks you invited last year.
The Old General: I'm going to give them this house to make a school and a hospital for the people.
Angu Ayah: [Agitated, her voice rising] You know nobody here wants a school, and I'm sure they don't want a hospital!
The Old General: How do they know what they want until they try?
[Mr. Dean enters the room]
The Old General: The people have all kinds of diseases. They have ringworms.
Mr. Dean: They don't mind having ringworm.
The Old General: Then they ought to mind. And it will all be free!
Angu Ayah: It was free last time, and nobody came!
The Old General: They will this time.

Arthur Baden: The silly bitch! She's fainted in the wrong scene!

The Old General: Do you see that crate? Sausages! They will eat sausages. Europeans eat sausages wherever they go.

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Esmond Knight Facts
Nephew of C.W.R. Knight.

Father of Rosalind Knight.

Grandfather of Su Elliot and Marianne Elliott.

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