Elizabeth Patterson Overview:

Character actress, Elizabeth Patterson, was born Mary Elizabeth Patterson on Nov 22, 1875 in Savannah, TN. Patterson died at the age of 90 on Jan 31, 1966 in Los Angeles, CA .


Elizabeth Patterson was an American actress with scruffed-back hair, shuffling gait, scrawny neck, dumpy figure and take-it-all-gaze. She came to Hollywood sound films at age 55 to bring her Tennessee accent to down-to-earth country spinsters and maiden aunts, and continued doing it for another 30 years. She had a rare leading role as Charley Grapewin's  worn-out wife in "Tobacco Road".

(Source: available at Amazon Quinlan's Illustrated Dictionary of Film Character Actors).



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Elizabeth Patterson Quotes:

Crawford Gowrie: Miss Haversham, I'm not gonna touch yuh now. You're an old lady, but you're in the wrong. You're fightin' the whole county, but you're gonna get tired, and when yuh do get tired, we're gonna go in.
Miss Eunice Habersham: [Unflustered] I'm goin' for eighty, and I'm not tired yet.

Miss Eunice Habersham: [Cooly to Crawford Gowrie as he stands menacingly in the entrance to the jail with a can of gasoline] Please stay out of my light so I can thread my needle.

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Elizabeth Patterson Facts
Miss Patterson was also asked by novelist William Faulkner to play the elderly female lead in the movie made of his book, "Intruder In the Dust."

Daughter of Confederate soldier 'E. D. Patterson' who served in Co. D, 9th Alabama Inf.

Daughter of a Confederate soldier, E.D. Patterson, who later became a judge.

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