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Actor, Eddie Hodges, was born on Mar 5, 1947 in Hattiesburg, MS. As of December 2021, Eddie Hodges was 74 years old.



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Tony Manetta: Come here son. I think we better talk this over like a couple of men. I'm broke. I lost all the money. I can't even feed you.
Ally: I don't care.
Tony Manetta: But tomorrow we may not even have a place to sleep.
Ally: I don't care WHERE we sleep.
Tony Manetta: Listen, I'm going on the road anyway. You know me, I'm the champ. I bounce back like that! Right? So you go up to New York and live with them and if you don't like it, I'll put you in one of those fancy military schools where you can wear one of those hats with the strap under the chin and look like a big general.
Ally: No Pop -- I don't want to be a general! I want to be with you! You promised! Please Pop, don't send me away. They don't need me. You need me!

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Eddie Hodges Facts
Had several hit records in the early 1960s, most notably "I'm Gonna Knock on Your Door" and "Girls Were Made to Love."

Ten-year-old Eddie split the $25,000 grand prize with future astronaut and American hero Maj. John Glenn as his teammate after successfully appearing on a very popular episode of the TV game show "Name That Tune" (1953) on Oct 4th 1957.

Dropped out of performing and eventually became a mental health counselor in his native Mississippi.

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