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Legendary actor, E.G. Marshall, was born Everett Eugene Grunz on Jun 18, 1914 in Owatonna, MN. Marshall died at the age of 84 on Aug 24, 1998 in Bedford, NY and was laid to rest in Middle Patent Rural Cemetery in Bedford, Westchester County, NY.



Marshall was never nominated for an Academy Award.

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E.G. Marshall Quotes:

Juror #4: I'll take the testimony from right after the murder, when he couldn't remember a thing about the movies, great emotional stress or not.
Juror #8: I'd like to ask you a personal question.
Juror #4: Go ahead.
Juror #8: Where were you last night?
Juror #4: I was home all night.
Juror #8: How about the night before that?
Juror #3: What is this?
Juror #4: It's all right. I left the office at 8:30 and went straight home and to bed.
Juror #8: And the night before that?
Juror #4: That was... Tuesday night. The bridge tournament. I played bridge.
Juror #8: Monday night?
Juror #3: When you get to New Year's Eve, 1954, let me know.
Juror #4: Monday night? Monday night... my wife and I went to the movies.
Juror #8: What did you see?
Juror #4: "The Scarlet Circle". A whodunit.
Juror #8: What was the second feature?
Juror #4: "The"... I'll tell you in a minute..."The... Remarkable Mrs." something... "Bainbridge". "The Remarkable Mrs. Bainbridge".
Juror #2: I saw that. It's called "The Amazing Mrs. Bainbridge".
Juror #4: Yes. "The Amazing Mrs. Bainbridge".
Juror #8: Who was in "The Amazing Mrs. Bainbridge"?
Juror #4: Barbara... Long, I think it was. A dark, very pretty girl. Ling or... Long, something like that.
Juror #8: Who else?
Juror #4: I'd never heard of them before. It was a very inexpensive second feature, with unknown...
Juror #8: And you weren't under an emotional stress, were you?
Juror #4: [slowly, realizing] No. I wasn't.

Juror #5: Boy oh boy, it's really hot, huh? Pardon me, but don't you ever sweat?
Juror #4: No, I don't.

Winston Conway: I'm not a moralist, I'm a lawyer.

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E.G. Marshall Facts
Though he was the host/narrator for the "CBS Radio Mystery Theater" from 1974 to 1981, he performed in only one episode of the show as Ebeneezer Scrooge in its version of "A Christmas Carol" by Charles Dickens in 1975 (which was repeated at Christmas time every year until the show's demise).

Children from first marriage: Daughters Jill and Degan.

Began acting in 1933.

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