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Don Taylor Overview:

Actor, Don Taylor, was born on Dec 13, 1920 in Freeport, PA. Taylor died at the age of 78 on Dec 29, 1998 in Los Angeles, CA and was laid to rest in Westwood Memorial Park Cemetery in Los Angeles, CA.



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By Google profile on Jan 23, 2009 From Out of the Past - A Classic Film Blog

About MeBlogger, Out of the Past - A Classic Film Blog and more. Please add my Google profile to your circles. Name: Stats: b. 1920- d. 1998. 29 films as actor, 11 films as director. Directed TV in the '80s. Rating based on level of excellence: 3 out of 5 Humunahs!Hotness Factors: Tall, g... Read full article

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Don Taylor Quotes:

Oberst Von Scherbach: I'm grateful for a little company. I suffer from insomia.
Lt. James Skylar Dunbar: Did you ever try 40 sleeping pills?

Sgt. Schulz: How do you expect to win the war with an army of clowns?
Lt. James Skylar Dunbar: We sort of hope you'd laugh yourselves to death.

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Don Taylor Facts
Has two children with Hazel Court: Courtney Taylor and Jonathan Taylor.

Ex-son-in-law of Stephen Morehouse Avery.

Stepfather of Sally Walsh.

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