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Character actor, Dennis Price, was born Dennistoun Franklyn John Rose-Price on Jun 23, 1915 in Twyford, England. Price died at the age of 58 on Oct 6, 1973 in Guernsey, Channel Islands .



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Snowbound (1948) with and Herbert Lom

By Orson De Welles on Sep 15, 2016 From Classic Film Freak

Share This! Trying hard to be a bring a bit of Agatha Christie’s?And Then There Were None to the European Alps,?1948’s?Snowbound?stumbles quite a bit in trying to be too cute and overly deft. ?Featuring a strong cast, including , Herbert Lom and Robertn Newton, dramatic sceni... Read full article

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Dennis Price Quotes:

Louis Mazzini: I considered it both seemly and touching that my dear wife should visit me as she did this morning, to make her farewells. Your arrival on the other hand, appears to me unseemly and tasteless in the extreme.
Sibella: I couldn't bear my last sight of you to be that look of hatred you gave me as you went out from the trial
Louis Mazzini: In view of the fact that your evidence had put the rope around my neck, you could hardly expect a glance of warm affection.

Sibella: Oh, the Italian men are so handsome... but I could never get away from Lionel for a moment.
Sibella: But, I was forgetting... you're Italian.
Louis Mazzini: Half.

Louis Mazzini: [to the Duke, before he executes him] From here, I think, the wound will be consistent with the story I shall tell.

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Dennis Price Facts
His army officer father was descended from a Cornish baronet's family.

Invalided out of the Royal Artillery in 1942.

Educated at Radley College and Worcester College, Oxford.

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