David Manners Quotes:

Det. Lt. Sheehan: Everybody here seems to know more about police matters than the police.
Franklyn Drew: It's noble of you to admit it.

Frank Whemple: Helen! Helen! Come back! It's Frank! Come back!

John Harker: My, what a big bat!

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David Manners Facts
"Manners" is his mother's maiden name.

Earned $2,000 a week during filming of Dracula (1931), as leading man John Harker. Top-billed Bela Lugosi only earned $500 a week. However, this discrepancy is misleading. Manners was under contract to Warner Bros./First National. Studios "loaned out" their contract players to each other at rates considerably higher than the performers' weekly salaries, and kept the profit.

Once worked at a New York art gallery and served as a cowboy guide out west.

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