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Actor, David Janssen, was born David Harold Meyer on Mar 27, 1931 in Naponee, NE. Janssen died at the age of 48 on Feb 13, 1980 in Malibu, CA .



He was honored with one star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in the category of Television.

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The KBEX traffc helicopter. One of the first "water cooler" movies I can remember is the 1973 CBS telepic Birds of Prey. I'm not sure if the term "water cooler" had even been invented in regard to a movie everyone was talking about the next day. But regardless, many of the students in my high schoo... Read full article

DVD Spotlight: as "Harry O"

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One of the most distinctive private eyes of the 1970s has finally made his DVD debut with Warner Archive's release of season 1 of Harry O. The series, which originally aired on ABC in 1974-76, starred as Harry Orwell, a medically-retired police detective who moonlights as a private inv... Read full article

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David Janssen Quotes:

[the American flyers are driving the French drillmaster crazy]
Duke Sinclaire: We've got him out-witted! Our feet are *killing* him!

Sgt. Ed Musso: You're under arrest, Tom. The big one. Murder. The killing of Liz Thayer.
Sgt. Tom Valens: [slumping onto a chair in shock] Oh, no. When? How?
Sgt. Ed Musso: The custodian found her in Rustin's office. The place had been torn apart. She'd been choked and badly beaten. She was seen entering the office at 4:30, you were seen leaving around 5:00.
Sgt. Tom Valens: I went to see her, but the door was locked, I couldn't get in.
Sgt. Ed Musso: The custodian said he saw you with your hand on the knob like you'd closed the door. Tom, we found your fingerprints all over the treatment room!
Sgt. Tom Valens: You said the place had been torn apart.
Sgt. Ed Musso: I was being polite, it looked like a tornado hit it! All the files dumped on the floor, furniture smashed, even the Mexican nicknacks on the wall had been smashed, like some maniac was trying to destroy everything he could get his hands on.
Sgt. Tom Valens: Somebody's looking for something, and theyn can't find it. Somebody important. Somebody who's involved in this besides Rustin.
Sgt. Ed Musso: Sure, you! The boys downtown figure you've been pushing that Rustin gun story for so long you've flipped, and tore the place apart yourself!
Sgt. Tom Valens: The gun! That must be the answer to everything!

George Faber: The bell tolls. The Pope is dead. Listen to the bell.
[Crossed himself. Cut to multiple shots of mourners in the streets of Rome]
George Faber: This is the death knell that rings... only for the pontiff. Listen - there is a second bell. Soon they will be joined by other bells all over the city, all over every city, all over the world. The Pope is dead.

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David Janssen Facts
Twisted his right knee in 1948 while pole vaulting for reporters from the Hollywood Citizen News.

Brother of Teri Janssen and Jill Janssen.

As a contract player at Universal-International in the 1950s, he attended Universal's acting classes with a fellow Universal contractee, Clint Eastwood. The two became friends, and Eastwood is still friends with Janssen's widow, Dani.

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