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Actor, Dan Duryea, was born on Jan 23, 1907 in White Plains, NY. Duryea died at the age of 61 on Jun 7, 1968 in Hollywood, CA and was laid to rest in Forest Lawn Memorial Park (Hollywood Hills) Cemetery in Los Angeles, CA.



He was honored with one star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in the category of Television.

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Dan Duryea Quotes:

Jane Palmer: It's cold in here.
Danny Fuller: I'll turn on the oven.
[Steps over to the kitchenette, noise of oven lighting]
Danny Fuller: Maybe I shouldn't bother to light it, huh Tiger?

Lola Montez: How did you know I was on that stage?
Charles E. Boles: Very simple. There's posters of you from here to the Mexican border.
Lola Montez: Is that why you chose to rob that particular stage? Because I was on it?
Charles E. Boles: Well, the $10,000 they were carrying didn't keep me away, either.

Danny Fuller: This is the stuff from his pockets. I don't like friskin' stiffs!

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Dan Duryea Facts
In the movie version Winchester '73 (1950), he played Waco Johnnie Dean, the nemesis of the protagonist, Lin McAdams. In the television version of Winchester 73 (1967) (TV), Duryea played Bart McAdams.

Father of Richard Duryea, born July 14, 1942.

Father of actor Peter Duryea.

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