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Legendary character actress, Claire Bloom, was born Patricia Claire Blume on Feb 15, 1931 in Finchley, London. As of December 2021, Claire Bloom was 90 years old.



Bloom was never nominated for an Academy Award.

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Claire Bloom Quotes:

Helena Charles: Does he drink?
Alison Porter: He's not an alcoholic if that's what you mean.
Helena Charles: Oh, that trumpet! It's almost as if he wanted to kill someone and me in particular. I've never seen such hatred in someone's eyes before, it's horrifying... and slightly exciting.

Alice Kinnian: [writes a sentence on the blackboard for Charly to punctuate] Punctuate it. Go ahead, punctuate it.
[Charly does, and does it correctly]
Alice Kinnian: That's very good!
Charly Gordon: Now I have something for you to punctuate!
[Turns over blackboard where he has written a sentence]
Alice Kinnian: That does not make sense!
Charly Gordon: [Starts to punctuate it] 'That that is
[adds a comma]
Charly Gordon: , is
[adds a period]
Charly Gordon: . That that is not
[adds a comma]
Charly Gordon: , is not
[adds a period]
Charly Gordon: .'
Alice Kinnian: [Figures it out] 'Is that it?'
Charly Gordon: 'It is!'
Alice Kinnian: So. Student surpasses the teacher!
[Charly nods eagerly]

Alice Kinnian: They say, Charly, that true love is letting go.

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Claire Bloom Facts
According to Richard Burton's biography "And God Created Burton" he was responsible for taking Bloom's virginity in 1949 when they began an affair days after the actor's wedding to Sybil Williams; the affair carried on intermittently until 1957.

Daughter, opera singer Anna Steiger, by her ex-husband, actor Rod Steiger.

Was nominated for Broadway's 1999 Tony Award as Best Actress (Featured Role - Play) for "Electra."

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