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Actor, Charles Waldron, was born Charles Dieudonnee Waldron on Dec 23, 1874 in Waterford, NY. Waldron died at the age of 71 on Mar 4, 1946 in Hollywood, CA .



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Charles Waldron Quotes:

General Sternwood: I assume they have all the usual vices, besides those they've invented for themselves.

Dr. Bill Canavan: I thought I missed when I shot at that juramentado, but I guess I didn't.
[He throws five bullets he romoved from the body on the table]
Dr. Bill Canavan: He had enough lead in him to sink a battleship!
Capt. George Manning: Doctor, a juramentado is like a horse. The only place to stop him is right here.
[He gestures to his head]
Capt. George Manning: Only you feel sorry for the horse.
Dr. Bill Canavan: I've heard of these fanatics that go beserk, but I never saw one before. I wonder what kept the bugger going with all those slugs in him. Must be some drug.
Padre Rafael: The drug that keeps them going is what keeps most of us going - faith - good or bad! The juramentado believes that when he kills an infidel, it is a passport to Heaven.

General Sternwood: Do you like orchids?
Philip Marlowe: Not particularly.
General Sternwood: Ugh. Nasty things. Their flesh is too much like the flesh of men, and their perfume has the rotten sweetness of corruption.

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Charles Waldron Facts
Father of actor Charles Waldron Jr..

Daughter, Donnee; son, Charles A. Waldron.

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